About Us

TIM Logistics is a centrally located to help assist business across the country in warehousing, trucking, and logistics. With over 8 years of experience, we can help find the best solution for your business in the storage and shipping of your products.

We provide international freight services; air and road. Ensuring the safe and timely transport of goods from origin to destination is our commitment. TIM is dedicated from the moment the product is successfully picked up until it’s delivered within the agreed time limit. This gives our Business transportation security to haul merchandise of any kind, size and weight, at a competitive price. TIM Logistics LLC, carries out ongoing services and projects such as changes in the location of production lines to complete project movements.


Procurement management


Satellite tracking


International transportation includes door-to-door and customs clearance to and from Mexico.


Movement reports.


Work of shipping documents.


Special projects.


Coordination of door-to-door purchase orders.

At TIM Logistics, we’re strategically positioned to serve businesses across the nation, offering comprehensive solutions in warehousing, trucking, and logistics.

Our international freight services cover both air and road transport, ensuring your goods reach their destination efficiently and securely. From origin to destination, we take full responsibility for the planning and execution of your cargo’s journey. TIM Logistics LLC specializes in both ongoing services and project movements, including intricate operations like relocating production lines.



We treat everyone with kindness and education, recognizing that there are different points of sight.


We speak the truth and act with justice, honesty and responsibility.


We are committed to our responsibilities over time, quality and cost.


Maximize results by working together in a holistic way towards a common goal.


We are constantly updating and we are competent to reach the objectives and goals.


We propose new ideas, concepts, products, services and practices, with the objective of increasing the productivity and value added of the supply chain.

Attitude of Service

We listen, serve and satisfy in a timely manner the requirements of our customers and learn from their comments to improve the service.