Freight Broker / 3PL

TIM Logistics eliminates the stress of clients finding the correct transportation for their good and needs. We help them by providing our dependable transportation services to ship their products and valuable freight through reputable, reliable, and affordable freight carriers. Our 3PL services provide dynamic solutions to all problems and help clients manage complex infrastructures more effectively than ever before. Key advantages of our success:

Lower Costs

Our team experts know the transportation market like the palm of their hands, we can know when a Carrier is not within the cost regulations of the market, in the same way providing extremely competitive prices.

Simple Scalability

What happens when your new resources don’t allow you to reach more markets? Could a language barrier, distributing your product, not having knowledge about the steps or documents necessary to border cross your product. We provide the entire logistics scale for your production to reach the top and simply. We help our clients adjust all the necessary requirements, space and transportation according to their demands.

Industry Experience

Who better to help your company navigate the complexities of modern logistics than an established company with 8+ years in business? At TIM Logistics, we are committed to helping our clients find all the ways and solutions so that their products arrive at their destination with the best possible standard.

Customizable Solutions

You need to find what works for you; from the type of product you sell to transport to the timeframe in which it needs to be delivered. There are so many nuances that separate you from your competition. Our team recognizes what makes you stand out, and we want to help you.